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Why Advertise Your Business with Iwing Marketplace

Did you know without new customers, your business may not be able to grow and may eventually cease to exist? Find out why it’s important to advertise on Iwing Marketplace.

1.What is Iwing Marketplace all about?

Iwing Marketplace is the fastest growing online directory and a tool that helps buyers to connect with sellers of African Descent quickly and easily.

2. How beneficial is Iwing Marketplace for searchers?

Iwing Marketplace has a fast website and app which makes it easy for people to search for businesses. People can search for businesses using the search engine or the categories. Also people can visit the bulletin, take a teaser test or read articles that will help them start or grow their business.

3.Why Advertise your Business with Iwing Marketplace

Iwing Marketplace can help business owners in the following ways.

A- Get Noticed: Iwing Marketplace will make your business more easily accessible to local customers. Research shows that more than 90 percent of customers use search engines to shop locally. By advertising with Iwing Marketplace, more people will be able to see your business through the categories or the search results. This will significantly increasing the likelihood of attracting a potential customer.

B- Benefit from Local Searches: Thousands of people use Iwing Marketplace to search for a local business or a nearby business. For instance someone traveling to Maryland from Texas can use Iwing Marketplace to search for a caterer or someone traveling to Cameroon from the United States for a wedding can use Iwing Marketplace to search for an event planner in Douala. People want to find what they are searching for fast so they visit Iwing Marketplace. If you aren’t targeting this kind of clients, then you are missing out on a huge pool of hungry customers. This is a good reason to advertise with Iwing Marketplace.

C- Communicate Directly with clients: When you sell on Iwing marketplace, the customer is your customer, not Iwing marketplace’s customer. The platform offer direct communication between the seller and the buyer so you can sell directly to the customer, retain and resell to them in the future.

D- We help you promote your business: When your product or service is listed on Iwing Marketplace, you aren’t the only person promoting it. We invest time and money into promoting our Marketplace as a whole. We have financial benefits when you sell more. ( The more you sell, the more likely you are to renew your yearly subscription). Taking advantage of someone else’s willingness to promote your products or services is good business; it means that your own marketing budget will go much further.

4.How to advertise on Iwing Marketplace. How is the advert going to run?

Two ways to advertise on Iwing Marketplace:

i) Online Listing: We create a profile and list it on Iwing Marketplace. The profile will contain a brief description of your business, contact information, website/social media links and a catalogue. Potential customers will use the category to discover your business or they may see your business in the search results.

ii) Content Marketing: We create and distribute engaging content to help you attract and retain customers.

5.How much does it cost to advertise on Iwing Marketplace?


i)-SIMPLE PLAN = $99.99/365 DAYS LISTING  ii)- PREMIUM PLAN = $199.99/ 365 DAYS LISTING iii)-SPONSOR Plan= $500/ 365 Days Listing

7. Who is the founder of Iwing Marketplace?

 Ivan Yengwia is the founder of Iwing Marketplace.

Born in Buea, Cameroon.  While in secondary school I began helping my mother run a small restaurant, which supported the family through my University years. 

After completing my MBA at Webster University, and spending a number of years in Bangkok and NYC, I was inspired to develop a network that would connect small African businesses to customers locally and globally as it was a challenge for me to find African businesses in these cities.Not only does Iwing Marketplace connects buyers and sellers, it is also a source of information for entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business. They can read articles or take a teaser test.

For example, the platform makes it easy for someone living in the US who is planning a traditional wedding at home in Cameroon to find and compare vendors such as event planners, bakers, make-up artists, hair stylists, decoration services or dj/emcee, just by using the smart search engine. The platform is the fastest way to find businesses.

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