iwing Marketplace

Iwing Marketplace is a search advertising platform that makes it easier for people to discover African and Black-Owned Businesses in the United States and around the world. You can discover artisans, fashion designers, event vendors, freelancers, real estate agents, accountants, creative entrepreneurs all in one place.


Perform action quicker 

As a seller, you can:

1- List your businesses by creating an Iwing Profile. 
2- Sell your products or services directly to customers through your website, Amazon store, Etsy store, Airbnb link, Fiverr profile, Upwork profile, Social Media platform or customers can come to your shop
3- Accept payments through through your website or payment methods

Why Advertise with Iwing Marketplace

Reach local and non local customers

Generate sales or enquiries

Get the word out about a sales promotion or offer

Improve your company image

Create awareness of your products or services

Fight competition

Our Services

2- Spotlight Live Interview
3- Business Highlight Videos
4- Web Design 
5- Marketing Services

6- Mobile App Design 



Money can not pay you for the exposure you have done. You have no idea how much impact you have done for my business. Orders are coming in. - African Mobile Food Store
Amanda Perez
Founder African Mobile Food Store
Iwing Marketplace has an incredible platform to reach thousands of potential customers. I’m so happy WealthSMART LLC made that call
Dr Heinrich Edimo
Financial Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Case Study

The Ark NPS

The Ark NPS needed to increase clients for their tax services and appeal to the African Diaspora across the United States. Ivan Consulting  was task with using its marketing platform (Iwing Marketplace) to develop a campaign that will resonate with potential clients.


Ivan Consulting created a VIP Campaign for The Ark NPS which increased their brand awareness and inquiry. The Ark NPS was able to reach more clients through the campaign which entailed listing them on the Sponsor Section, article writing, spotlight interview (Iwing Marketplace Chit Chat) and more. The Ark CEO noting a substancial increase in the number of new clients. 

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