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Noela Manka of Manka's Puff Puff mix

Marketing is very important in business which is one of the things I learned the hard way when I first started. Iwing Marketplace is a good platform and one of the cheapest marketing platform.

Hostensia Onutali of Hostensia Bridals

I have been on Iwing Marketplace now for almost 2 years and I can say it’s a very great app/website. I get a lot of customers from there, especially brides. If you know that you are a business owner and you are looking for coverage or more clients, make sure you list your business on Iwing Marketplace to get noticed by other potential clients. 

Claude Nchanji of CLZ 250 Consulting

Early 2021, I listed my business with Iwing Marketplace and I had an interview on Iwing Marketplace Chit Chat with Ivan. After the interview, I had calls from a few states, Maryland, New Mexico and Nevada from individuals who wanted me to do their individual and business taxes. So the exposure I had, has been tremendous to my business and has enabled me to reach places that I otherwise could not reach. If you own a small business, you will be doing yourself a lot of favor by listing your business with Iwing Marketplace.

Lilly Mbinglo of The Ark NPS

We’ve met some incredible people and we’ve have had some incredible clients from Iwing Marketplace.

Kia Sunjo of Perika Technologies

Every morning I get up and come to Iwing Marketplace to see something i want to buy and just click on it. Iwing Marketplace is bringing a lot of awareness to people which is very important because sometimes you need certain services or products and don’t know where to get it, but on Iwing Marketplace, everything is on there.

Media Coverage of Iwing Marketplace Chit Chat by Embelle Patie of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV)

Media  Coverage of an Iwing Marketplace Chit Chat Show by  Embelle Patie of Cameroon Feelings. Gerald Meh of Euroboutique RX shared his journey as an entrepreneur. Iwing Marketplace Chit Chat is a show where we give the opportunity for entrepreneurs to talk about who they are and what they do so people can learn from them or connect with them

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