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Use Iwing Marketplace for Shopping, Entertainment and to Stay Informed

Iwing Marketplace is a platform that promotes businesses owned by Entrepreneurs of African Descent. The platform provides a wealth of information to thousands of people in the United States and around the world. You can discover artisans, fashion designers, caterers, realtors, lawyers, doctors, web designers and so much more. Iwing Marketpplace is a cost-effective way of spreading the word about your business. People use the platform for the following reasons: 

Shopping and Researching

Most people use Iwing Marketplace for shopping or researching purposes. Iwing Marketplace has information of hundreds of local businesses and it is growing daily. When you find a vendor on Iwing Marketplace, make sure to browse through their profile. If you are satisfied with their profile, simply contact them through their email or phone number or social media pages. You can shop through their website or visit their store location (brick and mortar store). Save time and money when you search on Iwing Marketplace. The platform is fast and easy to use on your mobile phone or desktop.


Are you a small business owner, looking for business tips or information about your industry?  Find business advice and articles about entrepreneurs of African Descent, who face similar challenges and how they overcame them.  You can take the Teaser Test to improve your brain power or get a lot of new information – a good way to spend your afternoon or free time. 

Stay Informed

What’s going on! Trying to find information about local businesses, deals and coupons or events in your area? Iwing Marketplace is the best place to do research. Use the search engine to discover artisans, vendors and freelancers that will be able to solve your problem. Discover flyers, deals, coupons and a lot more in the bulletin. You will be amazed by what you will find on Iwing Marketplace. 

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