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Meet The Best Event MC in the DMV Area

Meet Joyce Awuro-Tani an Event Planner and Emcee based in Maryland. Here, she answers a series of questions that reveal a little more about who she is and what motivates her.

1. Tell us about Contemporary Event Services. 

Contemporary Event Services(CES) provides Event planning, Master of Ceremony and Hosting services.  We are driven by our three core values of transparency, professionalism and customer service focused.

2. When did you realize you can become an MC?

 Speaking was something I enjoyed doing but did not realize it was a talent. Going down memory lane,  I remember that I was usually selected as the presenter for group projects during my high school and college years. As a professional social worker and now in the IT field, skills such as presenting, facilitating and speaking with diverse groups has certainly helped to mold me into being an MC. It became more apparent as family and friends would ask me to  coordinate, lead, MC their events. That was my humble beginning.

3. What are some of the problems faced by your clients and how do you help them? 

Some do not understand the role of a master of ceremony.  My job is not only to make announcements  but to ensure the audience is engaged and things are moving smoothly. Here at CES, we make it a duty to get to know our couple or celebrant. We also get more information on  the event, the Who, What & Why of the event which we call our 3W’s! Those are vital information to highlight and it provides us content for the day of the event. We understand that no two events are the same and so we take time to visualize the event and plan on the flow of the day. Being an event planner as well adds to my skill set as I understand the importance of team work and filing in the gaps seamlessly are key! 

4. What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working? 

I enjoying watching old videos and learning new things. But outside of that, I am a mom and family time is most important. There are some weeks which are very busy and so lots of playtime and I love  incorporating speaking on the microphone as a way to introduce my kids to public speaking.

5. What is your message to aspiring Africans in the United States?

My brethren, I will encourage you to assimilate to the new culture and community. This is a land of many opportunities but it is only through assimilating yourself that you will be exposed to the culture and create networks which are key factor to your success. Always remember that God uses people to elevate  you, so never look down upon anyone! 

6. What motto or advice do you live by?

I live my life by these few principles;  there is an appointed time for everything under the heavens. So what is mine, is mine! No need to compete or be envious of others. I love to celebrate others not because they will celebrate me but because their success drives me to do better and lastly, let your actions speak on your behalf! As for the CES business motto, always remember You Celebrate, We Create!

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