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In 2018, Mirielle Azombi started TMAAS to disrupt the overpriced and low quality models of baby products in Douala, Cameroon. Empowered by her business skills and family support, her Shop sets her apart by bringing you quality US and UK baby products at radically fair prices. Through her marketing skills, she grew far beyond her Douala home, becoming a force to reckoned with nationwide. 

Mirielle is inspired by her kindness to help expecting mothers find all they need to better take care of their new born babies. She is familiar with the hurdles when searching for quality baby products in Douala and around Cameroon, thus the goal of TMAAS is to  fill this gap. 

TMAAS deliver premium clothing and fashion accessories, such as baby clothes, diapering, baby gear, breastfeeding pump, bathing, toys, infant Car Seat,  Stroller and more 

TMAAS was founded on the belief that quality baby clothing and accessories shouldn’t break the bank. Mirielle’s goal is to deliver quality European and American products at radically fair prices.

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