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A Personal Touch

By Claudia Cho

Christmas may be over – but the gift giving season is year round!  Seeing family and friends smile with genuine appreciation for a gift received is wonderful, but usually it is not easy to find that perfect gift for your loved ones.  This is the challenge that Claudia Cho’s business Ucustomise MI helps people with. With a dash of creativity, the Ucustomise MI website can help you come up with custom t-shirts for your events and a personalized gift for literally anyone in your life, be it a spouse, parent, friend, kid or even your elderly aunt that has it all. 

 Despite having a regular 9 to 5 job in central London,  Claudia Cho decided to create a side hustle to earn extra income so as to help family back home and to keep herself busy.  “ I had initially set up a web-store where I sold a variety of generic items, such as phone accessories and ladies hand bags. I noticed that clients frequently requested that the generic items be personalized in some way – adding an individual’s ’ initials or sometimes specific colors or message. As a result, I began printing personalized items myself instead of outsourcing this task,  given that most clients come to Ucustomise MI for smaller orders, particularly for parties, weddings, baby shower and church events where only 20-100 printed items are needed. So I expanded the services offered through the web-store, into a business which makes unique personalized gifts for clients”. 

In a short space of time Claudia began receiving orders from customers not only around the UK, but also customers from outside the UK ordering gifts to be shipped to their relatives in the UK. Typically customers visit the Ucustomise MI website where they can select from a variety of free designs, customizable  items, then place their orders in one seamless on-line transaction. The website is user friendly and makes it very easy for customers to personalize their designs. The designs are then  added to products such as coffee mugs, photo crystals, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases or water bottles. If desired Claudia is happy to create a design for you.  The Ucustomise MI website also carries a variety of items which can be personalized for Valentine’s Day or Birthdays. Orders made through her website are delivered to the designated address in the UK. 

Claudia’s advice to anyone who want to start up a side hustle is to first and foremost to examine what they love doing. It is that passion that will keep you going until your goal is achieved. Match that passion with what the clients’ needs are. Also match it with the capital that is possible for you to gain access to.   

Surprise your spouse, parents, friends, and relatives with a gift from Ucustomise Mi or order custom t-shirts and gifts for your next event 

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